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Echo Language School Courses
Cursos Senior

There is an average of only 5 and a maximum of 8 students per class, grouped according to age and level. Before arrival, students complete a level test in order to form the groups, which are then revised after the start of the course in accordance with teachers’ observations. Our low numbers of students allow us to design personalised courses in accordance with the needs of each student.

There are three hours of class and two sports, cultural or social activities everyday. The class teachers also lead the activities, in which the students are constantly practicing their English in a variety of situations.

There are no formal classrooms. Classes are conducted in the comfortable rooms of Sefton Place, in which students would be happy relaxing as well as studying.

Our ‘English Only’ rule and full-immersion experience means that students of different nationalities very quickly make friends, learning and speaking English throughout the day.

One to One – all ages

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