ECHO is a small residential school and so we can offer a well-monitored residential environment, day and night. Students are in a safe, comfortable environment all the time, and can concentrate on building their language skills.

Life at Echo is akin to family life: students eat together, with each other and with the teachers; they use the light and spacious rooms in the house, and of course the large garden, to spend their free time together, playing games, reading, watching films, talking, studying, playing music, socialising and relaxing… and all in English, all the time.

True to our slogan ‘Learning and Living Under One Roof’, students participate in a full-immersion experience that we hope will lead them to think and even dream in English!

ECHO offers courses for young people aged from 12 to 17. We offer a full range of academic, social and sporting programmes. Students eat with each other and with the school staff. The maximum number in the school is 25 students; in the classrooms, the maximum is 8. Everyone makes friends quickly and easily. Everyone learns and speaks English all day.

Our prices include accommodation and food throughout the courses. All the bedrooms in the Echo house have en-suite bathrooms.  Students often share a room. This helps to build good relationships around the school. Where possible we try to ensure that speakers of different native languages share, and often this is the situation when their English is most useful. Of course, our ‘English Only’ rule applies throughout the course, and students are expected to speak English at all times, even in their bedrooms.


The cuisine is international, and of a very high standard, and of course we provide for special diets. In a recent external audit, the food was classified as ‘of exceptional quality’. Snacks such as fruit and toast are available outside lesson times, as are tea, coffee and refreshments.

Sample Weekly Menu

Lunch Dinner Dessert
Monday Cold meats, cheese and salad. Chicken curry and rice. Ice cream and stewed fruits.
Tuesday Tortillas and salad. Spaghetti bolognese garlic bread. Chocolate cake.
Wednesday Baked potatoes baked beans & salad. Cooking club – roast pork and vegetables. Fruit salad.
Thursday French bread pizzas. Paella with chicken and prawns. Apple cake.
Friday Quiche and salad Cottage pie, carrots and broccoli Pineapple upside down pudding.
Saturday Picnic – filled baguettes, fruit, chocolate biscuit, crisps, water. Roast chicken chips and salad. Banana cake.
Sunday Pizzas. Penne with tomato sauce. Doughnuts.