Most would agree that a full-immerison in the language is extremely important. But what does that mean?

In an immersion environment, will a learner learn more:

1) if surrounded by people of their own age group?

2) if they need the language in a wide range of situations?

3) if they need to use the language creatively?

4) if the situations they encounter are motivating and relevant?

5) if the language they learn is related to experiences they undergo?

5) if as wide a range as possible of their cognitive abilities are challenged?

We believe that the answer is a very clear ‘YES’!

Because of this, we aim to challenge our student, whos need to use their English all the time, socially, academically, creatively and in all the everday situations they encounter, from morning til night. They are mainly with people of their own age-group, and the situations they encounter are relevant, fun, challenging, varied and very memorable!


6) Are all learners the same?

7) Do all learners capture and retain infomation in the same way?

8) Do all learners have the same skills?

9) Do all learners want or need to learn the same thing?

We believe that the answer is a very clear ‘NO’!

Because of this, we provide stimulation to different ‘intelligences’ (see below), and our students can benefit from all of them according to their individual abilities. Our high teacher to student ratio, our informal environment, our professional approach, our small groups and different class types, our differentiated range of learning programmes and the variety of our activities and creative projects all allow each individual to maximise their potential as learners and as members of our small, friendly, collaborative learning community!

multiple intelligences



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