Holistic Grammar – Part 5: Overview

This is the fifth and final part of our holistic review of grammar. Part 4 ended with two questions: What are the three most important factors involved in choosing a verb form? How does each factor help us express what we want to communicate? TENSE: Present (speaker views action/situation as real and relevant now) Past…


Holistic Grammar – Part 4

TASK 3: MODAL VERBS What are the modal verbs?: PRESENT PAST Can Could Shall Should Will Would May Might Must MODALS INTRODUCE THE JUDGEMENT OF THE SPEAKER. If we are describing a situation, we do not use a modal; if we are describing the speakers attitude/judgement of a situation, we use a modal or adverb…


Do exams help us learn and develop skills?

In today’s Guardian newspaper: “80% of school teachers think the relentless focus on exams is hindering the development of character in UK schools, according to research by the Jubilee Centre for Characters and Virtues.” What do you think? Is the situation similar in your country?  Let us know by commenting under the link to this article…


Chinese New Year for foodies!

Goodbye horse, hello goat (or is it sheep? Or maybe ram?).  Click on the photo for a link to a video for the BBC:



Whichever it may be, click on the photo for some great chinese recipes to help you welcome in the year, published in the Independent newspaper: