Task 1- Suggested Answers

  Link to the form Resume CONTEXT: Who is speaking? Godfrey Bloom Who is he speaking to? Members of the European Parliament What is he talking about? Taxation What does he want to achieve? Persuade others that his opinion is right COMPREHENSION What, according to the American philosopher Murray Rothbard, is the state? An institution…


Chinese New Year – the Year of the Horse – starts today!

hcnySo today, the darkest day of the month, the water snake has gone and the horse has arrived at full gallop!  Here are a couple of links to practice your English:

This first link (click here), after a brief intro to the year of the horse, leads you to some creative activities to do at home: Chinese writing, paper-cutting, dragon and lantern making and different fortune cookie recipes.


New!! Language Practice with feedback

Do you want to  practice your language skills and develop your knowledge? Here’s your chance! We will be posting different tasks – LISTENING, READING, AND WRITING – with focuses on GRAMMAR, LEXIS AND DISCOURSE, which you can do online. Your answers will be sent to ECHO, and we will publish feedback. Here is the first…