• Ages 12, 13 and 14
  • Maximum 8 students in each group.
  • 3 classes a day.
  • Build amazing confidence when using English.
  • ECHO’s ‘English Only’ rule means all students speak English at all times.
  • Full activities programme.
  • Excursion every week.
  • Focus on fun and learning.

Classes typically focus on strengthening grammatical understanding and use, developing vocabulary, and building fluency and confidence when speaking.

Classes are organised by level. There is a maximum of 8 students in each group. Classes follow a fun, communicative method, and the small numbers mean they can be designed around student needs.

Students have sport and social programmes twice a day from Monday to Friday. These include football and badminton, student theatre productions and karaoke, as well as trips into Arundel and Chichester. Activities are led by teachers, and students can really practise what they have learnt in their lessons.

There is also a project every week, such as making a film or inventing a game. Project groups are drawn from all levels and classes, so enabling students to really learn from each other.

  • Breakfast with staff and students.
  • First lesson: Grammar: ‘the modal verbs’.
  •  Second lesson: Vocabulary: ‘people and personalities’.
  •  Free hour: book reading and talking with friends in the garden.
  •  Third lesson: Discussions: ‘dilemmas – what would you do if…?’
  •  Lunch with staff and students.
  • Badminton.
  • Homework – learning vocabulary with classmates.
  • Talk with friends, read books, play games.
  •  Dinner with staff and students.
  •  Bowling in Chichester.
  • Bedtime.