students of different nationalities

Echo is a small, residential language school where students of different nationalities live and study in a family atmosphere with each other, with us and with our teachers.

students maximum per class

At Echo there are no formal classrooms; instead, classes are conducted in the comfortable rooms of our house, where students feel at ease, relaxed and ready to apply themselves fully to learning efficiently and effectively.

hours a day speaking English

Our ‘English Only’ rule means that our students learn and live in a total immersion environment. They make friends with each other very quickly, speaking English all day, every day.

Our aim is for our students to have fun participating in a learning culture in which each individual is able to reach their maximum potential, not only as an English student but also socially as members of our community, which many describe as more akin to a family than a school.

” Parents often tell us that their children return home more mature, more confident and more independent.”.