We have over 30 years experience providing English language courses, and since 2007 have designed and given courses exclusively to teenagers.  All our teachers are experienced,  selected for their ability to teach and build rapport with teenagers.

ECHO is first and foremost a school and not a summer camp. Of course, we make sure that our students have a lot of fun during their time with us, but our priority is to ensure that the English skills of all our students improve as much as possible.  Students come back year after year because they know that ECHO is where they can make excellent progress as language learners.

At ECHO, only English is spoken, all day everyday!

No other languages are allowed during the whole course. To help students value and comply with this rule, anyone who breaks it then helps with domestic chores, thus giving something back to the community, and if further measures are required, extra academic tasks are set.  Please be aware too that in extreme circumstances, thankfully very few since ECHO started back in 1988, we have been forced to send home students who cannot work and live within the system.

Having children ourselves, we are well aware of the concerns parents may have for their children while they are abroad.  Students studying at ECHO live in a very welcoming and safe environment. All our students are under the age of 18 so they are carefully supervised and looked after, and since we live in the same house as them, we can attend any need or emergency immediately.