Here is a selection of the feedback we receive, clearly reflecting satisfaction from all the ages and nationalities we cater to, from 12 to 17, from Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark and Holland

What parents say

Thank you very much for the fantastic time for Valerie and all your efforts

Parents of Valerie, German, 12

Thank you! Carl enjoyed very much the time at Echo.

Parents of Carl, German, 14

“Miguel said that this year he had a better time than ever.  We are sure that the stay there has been great for him, and we got what we were looking for – learning and having fun at the same time. Thank you for all the information you sent us on what he did during his course.  You have a great place, highly recommendable. Thank you very much.”


“Miguel este año dijo que lo paso mejor que nunca. Estamos seguros que la estancia ahí le valió muchísimo y conseguimos lo que buscábamos – aprender y pasarlo bien. Te agradezco toda esta información que nos mandaste de lo que hizo durante el curso. Tienes un sitio formidable y altamente recomendable. Muchísimas gracias.”

Mother of Miguel, Spanish, 15

Muchas gracias Alex.  Vino encantada.

(Thank you very much Alex. She came home very happy)

Mother of Gloria, Spanish, 14

Thank you for everything, Alex.

Congratulations to Carmen too for her kitchen. Ema said that she cooks very very well.

Parents of Emanuele, Italian, 17

Marina asked me to let you know that everything went fine.

Many thanks for these four weeks and for taking care of Marina. She sent me a photo of you and commented “my father for one month”! And also thank you to Carmen who was in the kitchen preparing her meals!!! Besides the language, this was a life experience that she will never forget.


Mother of Marina, Brazilian/German, 16

Thank you so much for the good time Felix had at your school!

Again everything was well organised, even the picnic package for the journey back home. He really enjoyed the stay, improved his English and wants to come back next summer!

Parents of Felix, German, 16

Alexis enjoys very much staying at your place. We have received very positive feedback from him. Many thanks to you, Alex, and your team!


Father of Alexis, Swiss, 14

Thanks for all your efforts… we really appreciate your intense care for the kids. Also, I can immediately tell after just a few days that Theo has already improved his English within this short time. I think your school is doing a great job!

Mother of Theo, Austrian, 13

Laura is really happy about the time she spent in Arundel.  Thank you for everything!

Mother of Laura, German, 17

Thank you very much for this stay. Franz is really happy!

Mother of Franz, French, 14

Thank you for your E-Mail and report on Céline’s course at Echo!

Reading the report I find issues we certainly know and which Céline should and will work on. At the same time I am glad on the progress she made and the overall evaluation you and your teachers gave her. This is a very nice result and she will be encouraged to carry on. As Céline returned she was very positive on her experiences, the school, the work and the progress she made. At this time my wife and I would like to thank you for the opportunity you offered Céline, for your efforts, intensive and motivating program and the overall very good care you gave her and all your students.

Thanks again and good luck for the future.

Hans-Georg (Father of Céline, Germany, 16)

Hello Alex,
with this mail I want to say thank you for the time my daughter Julia had in your house. She was very happy and had a great time. So good, that she and her friends want to come again next year!!!
So thank you for all, kind regards,

Mother of Julia, Germany, 16

Dear Mr Moore,
Thomas and Marine were really very happy with they stay and course at Echo !!! evrything was great : they couldn’t speak french at all (otherwise they had “Kitchen work”) that was good for them ! and the courses were great, they enjoyed all activities, the food was “delicious” you can congratulate the chef ;)
So really thank you very much for everything and for the serious of your school! They want to come back next july so this is a very good news. Thanks a lot to all of your team also.
Best regards,

Delphine, mother of Thomas (15) and Marine (13), France

Good afternoon, Alex and Carmen,

Lucia arrived last night very well. She returned very happy. Thank you for everything!

Regards, Maria Isabel

Maria Isabel, mother of Lucia, Spain, 15

Dear Alex,

Katrin arrived yesterday safe and sound and very happy in Düsseldorf. We would like to thank you, your wife and all your colleagues very much for the wonderful 2 weeks Katrin has once again able to experience at you school. We wish you all the best – have a nice summer time.
Warm regards.

 Peter and Petra (Katrin’s parents, Germany, 16)

Dear Alex,
Julius has arrived safely in Austria :-) He was very enthusiastic over the two weeks in the Echo School. He seems to be much more confident in talking English than before!! Thank you very much!!

Best wishes to you and your family.

Tini (Mother of  Julius, Austria, 12)

Dear Mr. Moore,

We take this opportunity to let you know that Federico returned from the 2 weeks spent in Hove showing real enthusiasm about the course. He really enjoyd it and, of course, we too are happy about it. Also is English has improved and is now much more fluent after having praciced it. We look forward to receiving next year’s calendar when available. Thank you and all the staff for eveything.

P.S. Special greetings from Federico to Ana

Flavia and Stephen (Federico’s parents , Italy, 16)

We have just pick up Armand at the airport. Thank you very much, he was very pleased, even if it was difficult at first. I hope he was not too hard to manage. I think his English is much better now. I told a lot of friends how well is your school. Thanks again

Marie Alix (mother of Armand, France)
What our students say

Dear Alex, Carmen, Nico, Ana and all the staff at Echo,

Thank you for the great time I had here. This is my first time at Echo and I enjoyed it a lot. I learned a lot of English while having fun. The excursions were amazing, as well as all the activities we did during the two weeks. Everyone was very kind and made me have a great time here. I hope I can come next year again.

Ineke, Dutch/Spanish, 15

Dear Alex, Carmen, Nico and Ana & all the staff from Echo,

Thank you very much for the unforgettable holidays I had here. You are so nice and made me have a great first time here at Echo. I met a lot of very kind and friendly people, had fun and of course improved my English. Very happy about my choice to come here, and I hope I’ll see you all next year.

P.S. The food was very good, thank you Carmen! And it was really nice of you to celebrate my birthday 🙂

Alexandra, German, 16

Dear Alex, Carmen, Ana, Nico and all the staff at ECHO,

This was my third time at ECHO, this time for three weeks and, as always, all is fantastic here.

Classes, activities, excursions and fun! That’s all you need for a perfect English course, and ECHO has got that and more. That’s why I love this place to learn English. So thank you for these three weeks here, as I said, excellent.

Antonio, Spanish, 13

Dear Alex, Carmen, Nico, Ana and everyone else who made the last two weeks so great,

This was my third and final time at Echo and it was – as always – a pleasure to be here. The classes are fun, the people are great and the school is excellent. Thank you very much!

Lottie, German, 17

Thank you for these wonderful two weeks, I am very happy here.  I liked the activities and the excursions, this is a funny and interesting place, I will say to all my friends that they can come here. Thanks all, I liked this too much. I will return!

Matías, Spanish, 14

Thank you for these two weeks that I have passed here. I have learned more English and met beautiful teachers and friends that I will not forget. The food was very delicious. Thank you for everything!

Emanuele, Italian, 17

Thank you to Alex, Carmen, the new people I met and all the teachers for these wonderful two weeks I spent here. You always had an open ear for everything! The food was great! See you next year.

Maja, German, 14

I had a great time here and I learnt a lot. Thanks Alex and Carmen!

Celia, Spanish, 12

I had a great time here, I learnt a  lot, because I had great teachers. I met great new people, and now, I’m gonna miss them a lot. Thanks to Alex and Carmen!

Olaya, Spanish, 15

Thank you for my two weeks at Echo. It was a great time for me! I met new students and new teachers. I felt like home again, thanks Alex and Carmen. To learn English in this way is for me much easier and I have more fun.

Thanks for all!!

Felix, German, 16

Thanks for this amazing experience!

Gloria, Spanish, 14

I’m going to miss you, thank you for everything!

Paula, Spanish, 17

Hi, I’m Marta and I love Echo!

Marta, Spanish, 12

To the Echo Team and all the other great people I was allowed to meet here!

I had a fantastic time, laughed a lot and spent wonderful days and nights with you. Thanks for the fact that you always have an open ear and stood by my side.

Dear Carmen, thank you for your cooking skills and respect (Veggie-Girl haha). And Alex, thank you for being there for me!

I wish I could come back!!

Laura, German, 17

I’ve spent two beautiful years in Echo and these four weeks will always be in my best memories. I’m really glad of having had this experience and I hope to meet everybody again. Thank you for everything.

Michele, Italian, 17

Hi Echo! This is my last year with you because next year I’ll be too old 🙁 . It’s always a pleasure to come back to England with you and I would like to thank you for lots of reasons. You helped me with my English, you’ve always been nice to me and I’ve made lots of precious friends, so thank you! 🙂 I hope I could come back one year to say hello! You will miss me! Big kisses to Alex, Carmen (I love your food), Nico and Ana.


Marine, French, 17

Thank you all for the amazing experience I had here at Echo.  You showed me that English is not so hard to speak as I thought and is also really fun. I am sad to leave you because I was brave enough to make new friends… Maybe I am able to come back next year, but, still, this was one of the best things I have ever done in life… You also taught me self-confidence, and I’m really thankful for that, and sad: it’s hard to say goodbye.

Alexa, German, 15

These two amazing weeks only happen once in a lifetime, thank you for everything. I enjoyed every moment with teachers and friends. Thank you.

Miguel, Spanish, 15

I’ll start by saying that this was the best experience I’ve ever had! Here I felt like at home… and this is because everyone I’ve met was special and irreplaceable.  You’re a great big family 🙂

Thank you for everything:

Alex: thank you for everything, your lessons were very useful and everything you said to me is precious!

Carmen: your food was very good, I enjoyed spending time here!

Gary: your lessons were interesting, thank you.

Anna-Liisa and Claire: you understood me and helped me a lot. Thank you for the most enjoyable lessons ever!

Thanks everyone I’ve met here, you were so important for me during these days!  I’ll miss you.


Vittoria, Italian, 17

Thanks for these two UNFORGETTABLE WEEKS…

Thanks everybody! Claire, Anna-Liisa, Gary for the funny lessons, I’ve learned a lot of new things. Thanks Alex and Carmen for everything else: the organisation of everything, the meals… Thanks to everybody who has been here at Echo in these two weeks.  You have all made this experience THE BEST.

I’ll miss you.

Serena, Italian, 15

Echo, Alex and Carmen,

Thank you so much for these 4 weeks in Echo!

It was so good for me and for my English, now I can write an email all in English, which before I couldn’t. The Grammar, Text/Vocab and Communication Classes and the Intensive Course were very good. I liked it. Now at home I speak English with my stepfather and I almost understand what he says 🙂 It’s easier than before.  I am very grateful for all that I experienced last month and now I can start a new school year with better English and better English exams…

I want to come back next year, if possible!!!


Marina, Brazilian/German, 16

Dear Alex,
Thank you for these awesome two weeks. I had a really good time in Echo again and I really miss you all. I have learned a lot and maybe we will see each other again next year.

Many Greetings to everyone!

Katrin (Germany, 16)

Thank you very much for the two weeks I spent in Brighton.
I like very much the courses and the activities.
I think it will help me for next year.
Can you say thank you to the teachers for me.
I hope to come back next year

Armand (France)

We really enjoyed the time here. We learnt lots of things and we had fun. Thank you all the teachers and all the staff. We will never forget these two weeks here.

Francesco, Alfredo, Claudio, Alessia, Carlotta, Sabrina, Martina and Alessandro (Italy)

Thank you for three amazing weeks, I will never forget it, and I will tell all people I know in Denmark that they should go to Echo. I met some great friends and thanks to all the great teachers.

Louise (Denmark)

I like the teachers and the other students and the whole companionship was very friendly I miss all from Echo it was funny and I learned very much.

Lena (Germany)

At other schools the people go to 3 classes per day and when they have finished they speak their language again. However is better if you go to a small school like ECHO, where you are speaking English all the time. You can meet people from your country, as is my case, but every time you speak English with them.

Maika (Spain)